The Gratitude Jar
The Gratitude Jar
Geoffrey Blake

Global Gratitude

Finding Gratitude, Joy, and Fulfillment in Creating an Intentional Community

About Us

We believe...

  • Gratitude can change your life 
  • Gratitude practice is quite possibly the easiest and least frustrating entry point to mindfulness 
  • This journey called life is better with other grateful humans joining our path 
  • The more diverse this group is, the more fulfilling and enriching it will be for all of us

Why You Should Join Us

Gratitude is huge right now. 

It’s only getting bigger. 

The question is:

Do you want the benefits of learning it now...

Or later?


First, let’s pinpoint where you’re starting from… Which number sounds like you?

  1. I don’t believe gratitude could positively change my life.

  2. I believe gratitude can positively change my life, and I’ll get to it one of these days. 

  3. I’ve looked into articles and videos, and researched journals and daily routines, but I don’t know how to put it all together.

  4. I have been practicing gratitude for almost 6 months now!

  5. I have been practicing gratitude for well over 6 months, now what? I've got this feeling there's more to it.

Ok, let’s match you up to the best solution! If you’re a #1, read #1. 

  1. Well, thank goodness you landed here! To learn more about the habit that turns into the best mindset, join “Global Gratitude Jar” and just skim the main feed. That’s where you’ll find the best articles and videos to learn about Gratitude. 

  2. It’s time to make a positive step for your future! Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but you’re worth it, and now is the time. Join “Global Gratitude Jar” and make your first “Today I am grateful for” comment in the day’s thread. Repeat this daily for 30 days, and then consider what this month has done for you. * If you are on a slippery slope of negative thoughts and emotions I recommend the “7 Steps to Shift to Gratitude” course. It guides you through all the tools you’ll need to empower you out of this bad place.

  3. Now that you’re an expert ;) Let’s put theory into practice. To have a great practice we need to use the 3 E’s: Emote, Extend, Exercise. Our “Global Gratitude Jar” checks off the place to exercise. To emote means to feel it. To extend means to share your gratitude with someone. Today, write about someone you are grateful for, think about how they make you feel, then tell them. You’ve checked off the 3 E’s! Now, make showing up daily a habit setting a time that you’ll visit the group every morning or evening. 

  4. Congratulations! It feels good, doesn’t it? You’re on the path, and if you want a community of like-minded peers, join us in the free "Global Gratitude Jar" and get all the benefits of an inclusive community, as well as all the free articles and videos. If you’re already in the group, then “7 Steps to Shift to Gratitude” will have proven methods to help you grow even more including mindfulness, reframing, as well as meditations, thought-provoking questions, and exercises putting them all together.

  5. You know there’s more to it, right? Of course, you do! You’re successfully changing your mental state on a day to day basis, and this crosses over into other proven methods of building success in your life. Goalsetting, Vision Boarding, Optimizing your Strengths, Leadership, and much, much more are included in “Gratitude+”. Don't settle. Get optimal!


  • Being a part of a community that cares about you feels great!

  • You’ll start to see things to be grateful for all around you, all day!

  • Many of our members report that big challenges don’t seem so big anymore. 

  • What you learn building a gratitude habit can crossover into any other skill. 

  • Increased mental strength

  • Living a more present life

  • Improves self-esteem

  • Increases empathy

  • Improved health

A few testimonials from our "Global Gratitude Jar" community...

"This community is making me feel real. People here are open, honest, vulnerable - quite different from the usual FB communities. It has literally changed my mornings as this is now the first thing I do - reflecting on what I am grateful for...and it has changed my days and how I approach them. I feel more positive. ...and for that I am very grateful to this beautiful community and support." - anonymous grateful Human from our community

"This community holds me accountable. I have tried in the past make gratitude a habit and have never stayed with it for more than a week or so. I know there is no one forcing me to comment here each day, but I have a sense of obligation, nonetheless, as a member of this community. And although there are some mornings that it is hard, I never really struggle to come up with at least one thing for which I am grateful. There are even afternoons or evenings when I find myself excited for the next morning and what I will share!" - anonymous grateful Human from our community

"Writing what's grateful every day makes me think about all the wonderful things in my life!" - anonymous grateful Human from our community

"I notice more. It is really just that simple."- anonymous grateful Human from our community

A Big Thanks

Creating a Global movement of Gratitude is no small feat, and we want to thank you for your interest in a grateful lifestyle. Our intentional communities change mindsets, perspectives, and relationships for the better, and we really hope you join us!